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Hudson Valley Mountain Bike (HVmtb.com) was created to help keep the regional mountain bike community up to date on all the news, information and race schedules available. Our goal is to help keep everyone informed and encourage riders to join a local club, try a race and enjoy all that the area has to offer! Keep up to date by visiting the site or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for frequent updates.

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Whether you join just to ride with new people, or maybe help build a trail or, help shape the future of the local mtb scene, The best way to experience mountain biking in the Hudson Valley is by joining a club! Find the club that supports the trail nearest your house and get involved, you won't be disappointed!

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Clubs are the lifeblood of the Hudson Valley mtb scene...why? They build the trails! Below are links to the various club sites that do such a tremendous job in creating, maintaining and mapping the trails in the Hudson Valley. I'll give a rough description of the area you are looking to ride in and then a link to the club site that best fits those needs. There might be some crossover or no maps at all so use this as a starting guide. Join your local club and help build the next great Hudson Valley singletrack!
FYI - I'm a proud member of the Fats in the Cats club  :)

Upper Hudson Valley : Fats in the Cats
* Plus rail trail info

Mid-Hudson Valley : Stewards-of-Stewart

Lower Hudson Valley : WMBA / Putnam MTB

Western Hudson Valley : Renegades Mountain Bike Club

Northern Hudson Valley/Columbia County  : Columbia County Mountain Bike Alliance

The local clubs are what gets trails built and maintained in our area, but who looks after us on a national level? IMBA! Consider joining IMBA to help support mtb on the national level to help keep our passion alive and well for generations to come.



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