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Whether you join just to ride with new people, or maybe help build a trail or, help shape the future of the local mtb scene, The best way to experience mountain biking in the Hudson Valley is by joining a club! Find the club that supports the trail nearest your house and get involved, you won't be disappointed!


Local Races (Early season updates)

4/17 - Moochy (H2H)
5/1 - Wawayanda (H2H)
5/15 - Singlespeed-A-Palooza
5/22 - Jungle (H2H)
5/29 - Williams Lake Classic (NYSMBS)

6/12 - WMBA Fat Tire Festival (NYSMBS)
6/12 - Rump (H2H)
6/18 - Round Top Festival/ Enduro (NYSMBS)
6/26 - Lewis Morris (H2H)
7/10 - 909 (H2H)
7/24 - Mtn Creek (H2H)
7/31 - SOS MTB Challenge (NYSMBS)
8/13 - Windham Mtb Race the World (NYSMBS)
8/21 - Belleayre Mtn All Terrain Challenge (NYSMBS)
9/11 - Riedlbauer Round Top Rally(NYSMBS)


Clubs are the lifeblood of the Hudson Valley mtb scene...why? They build the trails! Below are links to the various club sites that do such a tremendous job in creating, maintaining and mapping the trails in the Hudson Valley. I'll give a rough description of the area you are looking to ride in and then a link to the club site that best fits those needs. There might be some crossover or no maps at all so use this as a starting guide. Join your local club and help build the next great Hudson Valley singletrack!
FYI - I'm a proud member of the Fats in the Cats club  :)

Upper Hudson Valley : Fats in the Cats
* Plus rail trail info

Mid-Hudson Valley : Stewards-of-Stewart

Lower Hudson Valley : WMBA / Putnam MTB

Western Hudson Valley : Renegades Mountain Bike Club

Northern Hudson Valley/Columbia County  : Columbia County Mountain Bike Alliance

The local clubs are what gets trails built and maintained in our area, but who looks after us on a national level? IMBA! Consider joining IMBA to help support mtb on the national level to help keep our passion alive and well for generations to come.